Jump-Start Guide for a Start-up Online Business

Author: Margaret Cook
Publisher: All She Writ.net
ISBN: 10: 061557775X  13: 978-0615577753
Price: $7.97
Page Count/Binding:  40 page paperback – also Kindle eBook
Available through:  Amazon

Book Description
Move your bank account from being in the red to realizing the profits of an online business.  This quick guide helps anyone new to business start off in the direction of positive cash flow.

Jump-Start Guide for Independent Publishing

AuthorMargaret Cook
PublisherAll She Writ.net
Price: $7.97
Page Count/Binding: Kindle eBook
Available through: Amazon

Book Description
Any writer will find this Jump-Start Guide for Independent Publishing a “just enough” information read.  The focus of the Jump-Start guides are affordability and high quality. The guide offers ideas for comparing how to publish your writing and it even includes tips on formatting and a clear outline of how to independently publish an eBook.

Author Bio
Margaret Cook is always writing non-fiction for adults. She also has projects in Children's Literature in process. Margaret has professional experience as a business owner, working in large corporations, working in education as well as developing and providing training. She has a private counseling practice and does life coaching by phone. She works with children in educational settings to facilitate achievement by working with teachers, parents and students. She is the owner of All She Writ Publishing Company. http://allshewrit.net/

E-mail:   gettingplaces@gmail.com

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